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Top-Rated 立博手机app & 加热 Company in 拉斯维加斯

After years of seeing poor management have a negative impact on employees and customers, 格雷格 Guthrie and 戴夫 Hays decided to open 遗产. With 格雷格’s position of VP in the local union and 戴夫’s years of experience in management for a large contractor in 拉斯维加斯, the two developed a business model that focuses on the customer first, ensuring that the 遗产 experience is a cut above the rest.


The goal of 遗产 was never to become the biggest and lose touch with the needs of the customers, which is why we’re able to deliver unparalleled service and dedication to our loyal customers. 在我们眼中, the customer is always right, and we are always happy to work toward a resolution that creates a lifelong business relationship.

At 遗产, we refuse to be another sales-oriented, hard-sell air conditioning company. 戴夫说, “Even though we won’t experience a growth rate of six trucks per year, that isn’t our goal. We don’t want to grow so fast that we lose the customer touch that we have worked so hard to achieve. If you look at our Yelp! 评论, we are the highest-rated AC and heating company, and it’s because we want to turn all our customers into raving fans.”

A Legacy of Good Customer Service

一路走来, we have managed to grow from our humble start to a large company that employs 18 expert technicians, 4 professional installers, 1水管工, and 5 office employees. Unlike many other large companies, 然而, we recognize that our employees are the key to our success, and they’re just as passionate and invested in our mission as we are.

What can you expect from our 拉斯维加斯 air conditioning and heating company?

  • Clean, respectful technicians
  • Same-day appointments available
  • 融资选择
  • Money-back guarantee

遗产 is more than just a name; it reflects the vision we have for our company. We aim to leave our children a “legacy of good customer service they can be proud of,” which can only be achieved through customer-oriented service.

立博手机app & 加热 in 拉斯维加斯, 北拉斯维加斯 & 周边地区!

When you’re in need of 立博手机app维修 or 加热 services, we know it can be hard to find someone you can trust. At 遗产, we built ourselves on trust with our customers and treat them like family. With our expert technicians and trained professionals, you can be assured that your service will be world class and done right. 我们提供 融资选择 and stand by our money-back guarantee. 我们的 legacy services the following areas:

  • 南部高地
  • 温彻斯特
  • 惠特尼
  • 企业
  • 亨德森

If your area is not on the list above, do not worry! 给我们打电话 at 遗产 so we can assist you with your questions and ensure you receive the 遗产 experience.

我们的 Customer 评论 Speak For Themselves

If you want to know what our customers say, look no further! 我们的 top quality technicians work hard to ensure your AC & 加热 needs are met. 我们的 评论 highlight what our mission statement means, our customers come first!

给我们打电话 at (725) 237-2441 and see what we can do for you!


Words From Customers

遗产 Is More Than Just A Name


Clean and Respectful Technicians Who Are Customer Service Focused

许可 & 为您投保 & Your 立博客户端app下载's Protection

融资 Available to Make Sure Your 立博客户端app下载 Gets What it Needs

We Stand Behind 我们的 Services & Offer a Money Back Guarantee

Same Day Appointments are Available When You're in Need

Your Indoor Comfort & Customer Experience Always Comes First